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This is how I adjust, a nice cup of coffee and cake! I love the baked goods I can get in the store so much that I don’t really bother with baking. The first time I bought this cake I thought it was an individual piece and put the entire thing on my plate. Björn raised an eyebrow at it and asked erm are you planning to eat ALL of that? I said well yes unless you want a bite. He said noo you go ahead.

Needless to say a few bites in and I knew this was not meant to be eaten by one person! Delicious and rich, a few bites is plenty.

I am having a little trouble getting used to the cold. It was really hot when I left Dallas, so the wind and rain are a change. I also forgot Emma’s sweaters (along with her leash and harness) so she is not liking it either.

I also did not notice that my laptop has a grounded plug so does not work in a normal adapter, which I also forgot. Poor Björn had to drive to Zeist Saturday and search all over, he found one and when he got it home we discovered the grounded plug. That leaves me with a 13 pound paperweight.

The reason I came over so unorganized is that I waited until Friday morning to go get Emma’s papers. It was really my only chance since three people are sharing my car. Over a course of nearly 4 hours the vet argued with me over what I needed, I tried to tell her what they actually ask for at customs and she tried to tell me what some woman in Austin told her. I ended up just coming with what I had as she refused to give me anything, we will see if they get me back into the US or not.

So overall things are going well and it is a bright, sunny day today!


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Was not all that hard now that I am here hahah. The trip was completely painless, my daughter dropped me at the terminal and as per usual at DFW, the check in counter is right inside the door. I soo love that airport, it is so easy to navigate, this may be because I have been there about a billion times but I think it is just very well planned. The flight was great, other than that they had me down for a low sodium meal AGAIN. I really need to check my settings on the KLM website because that is absurd. I am always happy to go low sodium but on an airplane that translates to inedible. I did have to ask the flight attendant if she had any normal food left and thank goodness she did have a lovely pasta and there was a piece of cake to go with my coffee later.
B picked me up right at the international entry and remembered where his car was (of course) so that went perfect as well. I was nervous about my bags as my entire life was in them pretty much but they arrived intact. When I opened the large bag I saw the paper showing it had been inspected but it had not unless the person who inspected it is a genius at putting things back where I had them. I have had my bags searched before and it did not look like that when I opened it. Poor guy probably took one look and said I am so not touching that lol.
I am amazed at how much I was able to get into my bags but also sorry about all the stuff that did not make it this time. I already regret sacrificing books for sweaters but was thrilled to see that I already needed a sweater as it was quite fresh and almost cool outside. A nice relief as it was 96 when I left Dallas.
So, B has gone off to the office and I am going to finish putting things away, run to the market to get a piece of chicken and a bottle of sauce then I will spend the afternoon vegged out in World of Warcraft. This evening it is pasta and a nice Australian Shiraz then I am back to work in the evening. It was nice to have a week off to get everything done but my checking account certainly reflects it.

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