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I woke up early this morning, about 5am or so and checked my Twitter like I usually do. First there are usually West Coast Tweets, the Tweets from Europe followed by some early rises on the East Coast. There was a particularly disturbing one to @mrskutcher stating: Hope you are joking RT @sandieguy getting a knife,a big one that is sharp. Going to cut my arm down the whole arm so it doesn’t waste time.
I clicked on the person’s page and saw she (I thought this was a guy actually) had made several statements about suicide and her last Tweet said: gone. I love you Jennie.
Disturbing indeed. My immediate thought was I wonder if Demi will Tweet @ev and get him to contact the police as he would have her info then I thought well she could be dead by then, a hundred thoughts crossed my mind but I felt like I should do something even though it had been over an hour since it had been Tweeted. I look at my stream again and see to my relief: Please thank @icywings11 and @heykim for jumping in to help bring light to this mystery it seems as if the authorities have addressed this..And are dealing with it appropriately I have no details but thank you all again!

Googled and found this link to ABC News I hope this person is going to be okay. Good job to everyone that made a call.

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I really don’t like Coldplay. I think they are a blatant ripoff of U2 and should not be rewarded for that. Since I do not like them I decided I do not like Chris Martin or Gwyneth Paltrow, now granted I don’t know either of them at all and I always did like her before, if not for the whole copying Bono thing I got no beef with them. Gah, beef. @Bittman has totally put me off it and I may never be able to eat it again. But anyway, then Mario Batali took Gwynnie to Spain. Seriously? Seems like he would have taken, oh you know, ME maybe? I watched the series, loved it, tried to hate her, almost did a couple of times but well Mario seems like the sort of guy that really doesn’t like anyone and if he likes her and my man Bittman likes her I may need to take another look.

So the other day @johncmayer Tweeted about her comment about what People said she said about her Lifestyle site Goop.com. I am pretty sure I Tweeted something hateful but I had not seen it and actually didn’t even know wtf he was on about. So anyway, I read a bunch of crap talking about what a crapsite it was so I had a peek, expecting it to be crap and found that I liked it. I don’t think she is doing anything new or special but it is fun and I appreciate it. It is what is is. I was also kind of thinking that she may have felt a bit left out since the other folks had a webpage and she did not.

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**Photo by @LizKreutz

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I have an addiction to Twitter, have had for a long time but never really Tweeted much myself until the last few months. Recently celebrities have begun to Tweet and also to add pics and videos. Probably the most well known was the recent meltdown followed by repentance by Ashton Kutcher. This quickly made the Huffington Post, various rags and then TMZ where many jackasses proceeded to well be jackasses. The Tweeterverse continues to be loving and supportive of the Kutchers (Demi Tweets as well and have to say I may have a girl crush on her) because that is what we do.

The people on Twitter have been pretty much respectful of the celebs as far as I can see and I sure hope it stays that way. In fact the only asshole I have run across is that nasty pig @Perezhilton and I really think Twitter should ban him. I would not have known he was there at all except that he was harassing Ashton who should have reported him. I would have reported him if he said hateful things about my daughter. Calling her a whore seems to be grounds for being banned, don’t you think?

At any rate I never really considered this before but you know seeing how Ashton and Demi and Soleil and many other celebs are sharing bits of their lives, parts that as fans we WANT to see, it seems like a great solution to the paparazzi. Why would I ever want to buy a magazine full of stolen pics and lies when I can open Twitter and see pics the celeb or their people have taken of them in the moment, doing stuff they don’t mind sharing? I have had more of a celeb fix in the last few days from @aplusk and @mrskutcher than I have had in their entire careers from rags and paparazzi. I think most normal people feel the same as me about this, I really don’t need to see Ashton in his underwear od Demi topless, I mean I would look I guess but I would much rather have the candid pic of him pulling out a nosehair before a Superbowl benefit.

My point here is that more celebs should do this, give the fans what you want them to have. I was really bothered by some interviews I have seen where the celebs lament the scrutiny they are under. It is almost embarassing when interviewers ask them stupid questions or are nosy as I feel that in some way they are representing me when they do it. I don’t need to know stuff like that. Get yourself a Twitter account, have one of your assistants show you how to use it and give the fans what they really want. Because what real fans want, people like me who want to know you because of your work, not because of what the rags say, we want to see real stuff you want us to see in real time, instant reactions to what is going on in the world and let’s put the paparazzi and crapholes like TMZ out of business.

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@Tweet Congress

I read an article this morning via @jujujuggles about a congressman Tweeting from a closed meeting with Obama, googled a bit and found Tweet Congress

While I am at it check out Juju’s blog, I am so in awe of moms like her, holding down a great job, managing a family and pulling it all off while looking like she does. Makes me wonder why I cannot seem to get it together and all I am responsible for is me and 3.5 pounds of Yorkie.

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