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You need this. Really you do. Mark Bittman and his team have outdone themselves and I know apps.
Read this Mark Bittman interview with @MattArmendariz over on his blog I already used the app for a tapenade recipe and have spent a couple of hours getting familiar with it and reading. It is really really good.


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UPDATE: Apparantly there was a mistake or something, this book is not free any longer. Lucky me and the others that were able to get it while it was.

Thank you so much @cpkimball for this gift! The Cook’s Illustrated How-to-Cook Library: An illustrated step-by-step guide to Foolproof Cooking by The Editors of Cooks Illustrated is actually free to download to your Kindle or your Kindle app from amazon.com, I just got it for my iPhone and I am so excited! The illustrations are so nice, lots of recipes and tons of good information.
I don’t know how easy it will be to actually prepare dishes from the iPhone but I read cookbooks like novels so it is not that important to me, when I am ready to prepare a dish I will sort it.
I love the clickable links that will take you right to the source. In the recipe for Potato and Leek Soup there is a call for 6c Chicken Stock which is linked. Click it, get that recipe and just hit the back arrow to return to the soup recipe. Fabulous!
Be sure you visit the Cook’s Illustrated website for lot’s of information, recipes and other goodies or to subscribe to the site or magazines offered. You can also follow Chris Kimball on Twitter @cpkimball

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eReader works great on my iPhone, I have a bunch of titles on my bookshelf. I never thought I would be able to actually read on my iPhone but I do every night to fall asleep and it is so easy. For Valentines Day eReader is offering 15 free Harlequin Romances. Granted these are not epics but you can find a few of those for free also and a huge selection for a fee.

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I have an addiction to Twitter, have had for a long time but never really Tweeted much myself until the last few months. Recently celebrities have begun to Tweet and also to add pics and videos. Probably the most well known was the recent meltdown followed by repentance by Ashton Kutcher. This quickly made the Huffington Post, various rags and then TMZ where many jackasses proceeded to well be jackasses. The Tweeterverse continues to be loving and supportive of the Kutchers (Demi Tweets as well and have to say I may have a girl crush on her) because that is what we do.

The people on Twitter have been pretty much respectful of the celebs as far as I can see and I sure hope it stays that way. In fact the only asshole I have run across is that nasty pig @Perezhilton and I really think Twitter should ban him. I would not have known he was there at all except that he was harassing Ashton who should have reported him. I would have reported him if he said hateful things about my daughter. Calling her a whore seems to be grounds for being banned, don’t you think?

At any rate I never really considered this before but you know seeing how Ashton and Demi and Soleil and many other celebs are sharing bits of their lives, parts that as fans we WANT to see, it seems like a great solution to the paparazzi. Why would I ever want to buy a magazine full of stolen pics and lies when I can open Twitter and see pics the celeb or their people have taken of them in the moment, doing stuff they don’t mind sharing? I have had more of a celeb fix in the last few days from @aplusk and @mrskutcher than I have had in their entire careers from rags and paparazzi. I think most normal people feel the same as me about this, I really don’t need to see Ashton in his underwear od Demi topless, I mean I would look I guess but I would much rather have the candid pic of him pulling out a nosehair before a Superbowl benefit.

My point here is that more celebs should do this, give the fans what you want them to have. I was really bothered by some interviews I have seen where the celebs lament the scrutiny they are under. It is almost embarassing when interviewers ask them stupid questions or are nosy as I feel that in some way they are representing me when they do it. I don’t need to know stuff like that. Get yourself a Twitter account, have one of your assistants show you how to use it and give the fans what they really want. Because what real fans want, people like me who want to know you because of your work, not because of what the rags say, we want to see real stuff you want us to see in real time, instant reactions to what is going on in the world and let’s put the paparazzi and crapholes like TMZ out of business.

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Layout Change Again

I liked the other one but it was just too busy as I feared. This one is clean and cheerful and makes me happy to see it so I think I will just stick with it for now. I look at my blog more as a magazine rather than a place to post, I visit it many times a day but not so much to post as to check out all of my favorite places.

It is hard to explain, I live on the internet. Not that I am always sitting on front of my computer but my life is pretty much online, this is where I work 10-12 hours a day and communicate with most of my friends and family on a day to day basis, close by, across the state, country or world. I have friends and family in Dallas, Tampa, up north, across Europe, Fiji… I can speak to any of them in a second, here at home or while looking at diapers and bouncy thingies in Target.
My daughter will be having a baby in 8 weeks. She is an executive assistant so she is online as well, desktop at work and Blackberry when mobile. We can chat throughout the day on IM, when she has a pain or a problem she asks me and if it freaks me out I can google it and decide if she need to just suck it up or call her doctor.
When I am not before the computer I have my iPhone that keeps me connected. I don’t think I am addicted but I am dependant. It is not about a sickness or needing an intervention, it is just who I am now. Could I do without it, no-not at this point but that is because I am wired that way. Could I go back to being un-wired? Sure, but why?

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Last week iPurchased this. Yowza. iAm a happy biyatch, this thing is so iPhabulous I cannot even begin to tell you. iPhigure it will be completely useless in Europe but oh well (iAm done with the iCrap, iPromise).
I went to the ATT store – because I am their prisoner – to see about getting a new phone. I had pretty much decided I wanted a Blackberry Pearl. I looked at all the phones in the store, even though I was qualified for an upgrade it was still going to cost about $300. Boo. Plus the media package was nearly $40 a month. Then the salesgeek told me that was extremely limited web browsing. What? Well no point in that then. I went back to look at the generic regular old phones and he said well there is the iPhone…wait, what? Nooo I cannot have an iPhone, I am not cool enough, I seriously cannot be that person. No, really I don’t want to hold it..oohhh myyy Goood. Yeah, put that in a bag, it lives at my house now.

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