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Knitting Again!

I recently started knitting again. I learned when I was pretty young at 4H. I remember going upstairs at the old high school in Straughn to learn this. It has been years and I never really made anything. When I was pregnant with Mary I tried to knit a blanket but had forgotten all I knew so it all just rolled up onto itself as I progressed using just the basic knit stitch.
I am not much better now, and I have ripped this poor piece out at least 6 times so far. It is not very straight or professional but it feels soft and nice and when it is long enough I will be proud to wear it as a scarf. The yarn is prettier than this iPhone photo shows even though it is just something inexpensive from WalMart. Next time I will remember to save the wrapper with the name and numbers on it!
I am already itching to try some of the patterns I have seen at Ravelry. One of my oldest and dearest online friends is a moderator on a group there and invited me some time ago. I never really thought of knitting while in Dallas as it is hardly cold long enough for all that work but now that I am spending winters in the Netherlands it is.


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