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This is how I adjust, a nice cup of coffee and cake! I love the baked goods I can get in the store so much that I don’t really bother with baking. The first time I bought this cake I thought it was an individual piece and put the entire thing on my plate. Björn raised an eyebrow at it and asked erm are you planning to eat ALL of that? I said well yes unless you want a bite. He said noo you go ahead.

Needless to say a few bites in and I knew this was not meant to be eaten by one person! Delicious and rich, a few bites is plenty.

I am having a little trouble getting used to the cold. It was really hot when I left Dallas, so the wind and rain are a change. I also forgot Emma’s sweaters (along with her leash and harness) so she is not liking it either.

I also did not notice that my laptop has a grounded plug so does not work in a normal adapter, which I also forgot. Poor Björn had to drive to Zeist Saturday and search all over, he found one and when he got it home we discovered the grounded plug. That leaves me with a 13 pound paperweight.

The reason I came over so unorganized is that I waited until Friday morning to go get Emma’s papers. It was really my only chance since three people are sharing my car. Over a course of nearly 4 hours the vet argued with me over what I needed, I tried to tell her what they actually ask for at customs and she tried to tell me what some woman in Austin told her. I ended up just coming with what I had as she refused to give me anything, we will see if they get me back into the US or not.

So overall things are going well and it is a bright, sunny day today!


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I really don’t like Coldplay. I think they are a blatant ripoff of U2 and should not be rewarded for that. Since I do not like them I decided I do not like Chris Martin or Gwyneth Paltrow, now granted I don’t know either of them at all and I always did like her before, if not for the whole copying Bono thing I got no beef with them. Gah, beef. @Bittman has totally put me off it and I may never be able to eat it again. But anyway, then Mario Batali took Gwynnie to Spain. Seriously? Seems like he would have taken, oh you know, ME maybe? I watched the series, loved it, tried to hate her, almost did a couple of times but well Mario seems like the sort of guy that really doesn’t like anyone and if he likes her and my man Bittman likes her I may need to take another look.

So the other day @johncmayer Tweeted about her comment about what People said she said about her Lifestyle site Goop.com. I am pretty sure I Tweeted something hateful but I had not seen it and actually didn’t even know wtf he was on about. So anyway, I read a bunch of crap talking about what a crapsite it was so I had a peek, expecting it to be crap and found that I liked it. I don’t think she is doing anything new or special but it is fun and I appreciate it. It is what is is. I was also kind of thinking that she may have felt a bit left out since the other folks had a webpage and she did not.

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Layout Change Again

I liked the other one but it was just too busy as I feared. This one is clean and cheerful and makes me happy to see it so I think I will just stick with it for now. I look at my blog more as a magazine rather than a place to post, I visit it many times a day but not so much to post as to check out all of my favorite places.

It is hard to explain, I live on the internet. Not that I am always sitting on front of my computer but my life is pretty much online, this is where I work 10-12 hours a day and communicate with most of my friends and family on a day to day basis, close by, across the state, country or world. I have friends and family in Dallas, Tampa, up north, across Europe, Fiji… I can speak to any of them in a second, here at home or while looking at diapers and bouncy thingies in Target.
My daughter will be having a baby in 8 weeks. She is an executive assistant so she is online as well, desktop at work and Blackberry when mobile. We can chat throughout the day on IM, when she has a pain or a problem she asks me and if it freaks me out I can google it and decide if she need to just suck it up or call her doctor.
When I am not before the computer I have my iPhone that keeps me connected. I don’t think I am addicted but I am dependant. It is not about a sickness or needing an intervention, it is just who I am now. Could I do without it, no-not at this point but that is because I am wired that way. Could I go back to being un-wired? Sure, but why?

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Moved Again

Since I posted at Sam’s with this ID I thought I should put something up here. I never have time to post and see no reason to be paying for that Typepad account so I need some place to call home on the Blogosphere and my old blogger blog has some issues. I may never do more than visit my links or maybe occasionally bitch about my hair, being fat, the GOP, Oprah and Obama, men, my family or Reality Television. Big Brother starts soon you know.

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Friday Fifteen

I found this on a new favorite blog Jenn in Holland

15 things I have to do today this weekend

1. Work out

2. Pay bills

3. Comb some more knots from the cat

4. Clean out the fridge

5. Bake Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies

6. Schedule appointments for Ems

7. Clean the laundry room

8. Buy fresh fruit and vegetables for the weekend

9. Go to storage and dig out the big luggage

10. Change the vacuum cleaner belt

11. Figure out how to use my food sealer

12. Make soup

13. Buy new cellphone

14. Order books to ship to Nieuwegein

15. Finish sorting large closet-donate fat clothes


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I will tell you what is not simple and that is getting a small dog across the ocean. It seemed to be when I first considered it, you put the pup in a bag, shove it under the seat and voila. Dutch Dog. Apparantly not. I grew up on airplanes taking my first flight at six weeks old. We were a jetsetting family, always flying here or there. My grandfather was an original founder of one of the major American airlines so it was natural. Back when I was a child taking a flight was an occassion. Men wore ties and ladies dressed up. </p>

<p>I always fly British Airways. They usually have the best prices and know how to treat a person. However Miss Em will not be flying British Airways. The UK does not allow pets to enter the country in the cabin, they must fly as cargo. I considered checking her at first but I really could not get a firm answer on how this would go since I change planes at Gatwick. No one could confirm how Emma would be transferred from plane A to plane B for the hop over to Schiphol. I worried about this on several levels. There were the horror stories of pets escaping and running off onto the tarmac or the great unknown. There is the unhappy thought of other people mishandling my spoiled baby and then there was the bigger fear that she would just go missing. I know everyone thinks their dog is the first one ever born but Ems is quite special to me and also can be a very expensive dog to purchase. With the current craze of purse pups and the ridiculous prices people pay for a 2 kilo dog (even though I did not) that seems to be a valid concern for me.</p>

<p>So I began searching for an alternative. KLM seemed to be the logical choice as that is the Royal Dutch Airlines. I called back in February to set it all up and was told that Schiphol also did not permit pets to arrive in the cabin, knocking the wind from my sails. I thought this was odd as Dutch people take their dogs everywhere and they are all over the airport, shopping malls, cafes and small shops.&nbsp; It just did not seem right to me so a month ago I called again and the agent at KLM told me that was absurd, dogs fly KLM in the cabin routinely and I must have misunderstood. uh no, I understood perfectly, I was misinformed. At any rate we are now booked on a flight to Schiphol via Memphis in July. Now the paperwork begins.</p>

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