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This is how I adjust, a nice cup of coffee and cake! I love the baked goods I can get in the store so much that I don’t really bother with baking. The first time I bought this cake I thought it was an individual piece and put the entire thing on my plate. Björn raised an eyebrow at it and asked erm are you planning to eat ALL of that? I said well yes unless you want a bite. He said noo you go ahead.

Needless to say a few bites in and I knew this was not meant to be eaten by one person! Delicious and rich, a few bites is plenty.

I am having a little trouble getting used to the cold. It was really hot when I left Dallas, so the wind and rain are a change. I also forgot Emma’s sweaters (along with her leash and harness) so she is not liking it either.

I also did not notice that my laptop has a grounded plug so does not work in a normal adapter, which I also forgot. Poor Björn had to drive to Zeist Saturday and search all over, he found one and when he got it home we discovered the grounded plug. That leaves me with a 13 pound paperweight.

The reason I came over so unorganized is that I waited until Friday morning to go get Emma’s papers. It was really my only chance since three people are sharing my car. Over a course of nearly 4 hours the vet argued with me over what I needed, I tried to tell her what they actually ask for at customs and she tried to tell me what some woman in Austin told her. I ended up just coming with what I had as she refused to give me anything, we will see if they get me back into the US or not.

So overall things are going well and it is a bright, sunny day today!


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Molly One Week

I cannot believe how much Molly has changed in a week. She is very sweet and such a good baby. She sleeps most of the night, wakes up every 3.5-4 hours for a change and a bottle and goes right back to sleep. She is starting to stay awake more during the day and keeps those big eyes open.
She still seems very small but is actually filling out a few of her Newborn outfits and the Newborn diapers are a little snug.
Poor Emma is having a hard time though, now she feels that she has to guard Molly as well, she gets very excited when she does cry and wants someone to tend to her immediately! She has been a little curious but mostly seems to take a guardian sort of attitude with her. The first time she saw me hold Molly she laid on the back of the sofa and cried until her face was wet.

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Happy Birthday Emma!

When you came into my life things were very hard for me emotionally, I was having separation issues on several different levels and feeling pretty lost and alone sometimes. The joy you have brought to me with your sweet face and often evil actions cannot be measured or put into words. I am so happy to have brought you into my life and you are worth every bit of trouble you create. Sometimes I may not be so sure when you are busy at the windows barking at every cat or horse, mailman or falling leaf that you may see somewhere in the neighborhood but at the end of the day you have brought me a lot of happiness and I am happy to have your cold nose and your warm heart.

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Yorkie in a Bag

Here is my rotten puppy trying to persuade me to take her along in my purse last Christmas. My daughter zipped her in but she actually got in the bag herself. She always tries to get into my purse when she thinks I am going someplace. She does have several bags for being hauled around like a princess and then she has her nice big Sherpa bag for actual flights.
She loves to go, she doesn’t care if she walks, is carried or stuffed in a pocket. Since we came home last time I put her Sherpa bag up in the closet, she watches every move I make and if she sees my hand go near it she shakes all over with excitement.

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