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UPDATE: Apparantly there was a mistake or something, this book is not free any longer. Lucky me and the others that were able to get it while it was.

Thank you so much @cpkimball for this gift! The Cook’s Illustrated How-to-Cook Library: An illustrated step-by-step guide to Foolproof Cooking by The Editors of Cooks Illustrated is actually free to download to your Kindle or your Kindle app from amazon.com, I just got it for my iPhone and I am so excited! The illustrations are so nice, lots of recipes and tons of good information.
I don’t know how easy it will be to actually prepare dishes from the iPhone but I read cookbooks like novels so it is not that important to me, when I am ready to prepare a dish I will sort it.
I love the clickable links that will take you right to the source. In the recipe for Potato and Leek Soup there is a call for 6c Chicken Stock which is linked. Click it, get that recipe and just hit the back arrow to return to the soup recipe. Fabulous!
Be sure you visit the Cook’s Illustrated website for lot’s of information, recipes and other goodies or to subscribe to the site or magazines offered. You can also follow Chris Kimball on Twitter @cpkimball


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My general observation so far about this eating/lifestyle plan is that it is pretty easy to eat less meat, I am having a harder time with dairy but that will come. I have been basically making the same sort of dishes I would normally but adding in more vegetables instead of meat. Yesterday we spent $48 on groceries for the week.

I am surprised at a couple of things, my nails are quite amazing. I have been distraught over the last couple of years that they were weird looking, all ridgedy and brittle and were just not cute. It was not a huge deal of course but disconcerting as I knew they should not look that way. A week into this and they have grown about 1/8 inch and are much smoother. On the same note, my hair is feeling very healthy. This may seem trivial but I am quite vain actually and happy about this, I also seem to be sleeping better and have more energy.

I have lost two pounds but to be fair I lose and gain this same 8 or so pounds every month so I am not really ready to declare an actual lost until the bouncing 8 is gone. I do really need to lose 30ish pounds but this is more about being healthy than losing weight, one should lead to the other.

In the interest of full disclosure I need to make a few comments. First of all I eat crapfood day in and day out, I believe the day I discovered the book I had a cupcake with pink frosting and 1/4 bag of dark chocolate M&Ms left over from Christmas for lunch, breakfast was probably just coffee. I usually ate at least one meal a day from McDs or Sonic or maybe Chicken Express, if I had time in the morning I would get takeaway breakfast as well. Home cooking for me usually meant a frozen pizza or a Lean Cuisine.

I have been on every diet known to man, had some success and then went right back to eating crapfood. I have done diet pills and Medifast under the supervision of my doctor who has basically told me I am never going to get rid of this weight until I make a decision to make changes as apparantly he does not have access to the magic pill. I have been on blood pressure meds and Metformin for Type 2 diabetes for about two years now.

The other disclosure or comment is that I started using Spirulina when I started this eating plan, I do not know how much effect this has on results but to me it does seem to fit right in with the direction I am headed.

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Sometimes I see something and think wtf, how did I miss that? I know I am a little well you know, but I honestly completely missed this book . Here is the interview that gave me the first clue after following a link from @bittman So I just signed up, purchased the ebook to read on my iPhone and when I can get out to Barnes & Noble I will buy the 3d version. I hope it has recipes, surely it does.
I am really at the end of my rope here, I am so tired, SO tired of being unhealthy. I am overweight sure but it isn’t really about that although it would be nice to wear more fashionable clothes but mostly I just don’t want to die. And I am just so tired. There isn’t anything wrong with me, well nothing that being fat hasn’t brought on, I am just out of shape, I don’t exercise because I am too tired and I am too tired because I don’t exercise. I know I should eat better, I want to eat better but I have no motivation because I am too tired.

It isn’t like I can’t workout, I am living in a lovely building that has an amazing gym on the third floor, there is even an elevator to take me to it. I have trainers and socks an iPod and a fancy sports bra, nothing stopping me. I am just too tired. I did have a cupcake, ham sandwich and M&Ms for lunch…

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eReader works great on my iPhone, I have a bunch of titles on my bookshelf. I never thought I would be able to actually read on my iPhone but I do every night to fall asleep and it is so easy. For Valentines Day eReader is offering 15 free Harlequin Romances. Granted these are not epics but you can find a few of those for free also and a huge selection for a fee.

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Petite_v1_3   If you need something to read on the plane, at the beach, in bed or just for fun try this! I have to admit I have not read the book yet but I am a huge fan of petite and I am sure her book is just as delightful as her blog. In case you are one of the five people who have not seen it, take a look!

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