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UPDATE: Apparantly there was a mistake or something, this book is not free any longer. Lucky me and the others that were able to get it while it was.

Thank you so much @cpkimball for this gift! The Cook’s Illustrated How-to-Cook Library: An illustrated step-by-step guide to Foolproof Cooking by The Editors of Cooks Illustrated is actually free to download to your Kindle or your Kindle app from amazon.com, I just got it for my iPhone and I am so excited! The illustrations are so nice, lots of recipes and tons of good information.
I don’t know how easy it will be to actually prepare dishes from the iPhone but I read cookbooks like novels so it is not that important to me, when I am ready to prepare a dish I will sort it.
I love the clickable links that will take you right to the source. In the recipe for Potato and Leek Soup there is a call for 6c Chicken Stock which is linked. Click it, get that recipe and just hit the back arrow to return to the soup recipe. Fabulous!
Be sure you visit the Cook’s Illustrated website for lot’s of information, recipes and other goodies or to subscribe to the site or magazines offered. You can also follow Chris Kimball on Twitter @cpkimball


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Yorkie in a Bag

Here is my rotten puppy trying to persuade me to take her along in my purse last Christmas. My daughter zipped her in but she actually got in the bag herself. She always tries to get into my purse when she thinks I am going someplace. She does have several bags for being hauled around like a princess and then she has her nice big Sherpa bag for actual flights.
She loves to go, she doesn’t care if she walks, is carried or stuffed in a pocket. Since we came home last time I put her Sherpa bag up in the closet, she watches every move I make and if she sees my hand go near it she shakes all over with excitement.

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Sexy Sorapot

This may be the sexiest teapot I have ever seen. Designed by Joey Roth and available for $200-$250 at Sorapot . It does look like a lot of effort for a cuppa but it sure is pleasing to the eye.

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Eet Smakelijk

I saw this tablecloth over on elit alice and had to post here. So cute! A little pricey at over 100 euros so I won’t be adding it to my textile cabinet (oh wait, I don’t have one of those anymore) but if you are flush, head over to ontwerpduo and pick one up. One other thing I need to look for before I leave are barbeque accessories. There is some great stuff at World Market that I really need to have.

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