How To Cook Everything App

You need this. Really you do. Mark Bittman and his team have outdone themselves and I know apps.
Read this Mark Bittman interview with @MattArmendariz over on his blog I already used the app for a tapenade recipe and have spent a couple of hours getting familiar with it and reading. It is really really good.


Knitting Again!

I recently started knitting again. I learned when I was pretty young at 4H. I remember going upstairs at the old high school in Straughn to learn this. It has been years and I never really made anything. When I was pregnant with Mary I tried to knit a blanket but had forgotten all I knew so it all just rolled up onto itself as I progressed using just the basic knit stitch.
I am not much better now, and I have ripped this poor piece out at least 6 times so far. It is not very straight or professional but it feels soft and nice and when it is long enough I will be proud to wear it as a scarf. The yarn is prettier than this iPhone photo shows even though it is just something inexpensive from WalMart. Next time I will remember to save the wrapper with the name and numbers on it!
I am already itching to try some of the patterns I have seen at Ravelry. One of my oldest and dearest online friends is a moderator on a group there and invited me some time ago. I never really thought of knitting while in Dallas as it is hardly cold long enough for all that work but now that I am spending winters in the Netherlands it is.

This is how I adjust, a nice cup of coffee and cake! I love the baked goods I can get in the store so much that I don’t really bother with baking. The first time I bought this cake I thought it was an individual piece and put the entire thing on my plate. Björn raised an eyebrow at it and asked erm are you planning to eat ALL of that? I said well yes unless you want a bite. He said noo you go ahead.

Needless to say a few bites in and I knew this was not meant to be eaten by one person! Delicious and rich, a few bites is plenty.

I am having a little trouble getting used to the cold. It was really hot when I left Dallas, so the wind and rain are a change. I also forgot Emma’s sweaters (along with her leash and harness) so she is not liking it either.

I also did not notice that my laptop has a grounded plug so does not work in a normal adapter, which I also forgot. Poor Björn had to drive to Zeist Saturday and search all over, he found one and when he got it home we discovered the grounded plug. That leaves me with a 13 pound paperweight.

The reason I came over so unorganized is that I waited until Friday morning to go get Emma’s papers. It was really my only chance since three people are sharing my car. Over a course of nearly 4 hours the vet argued with me over what I needed, I tried to tell her what they actually ask for at customs and she tried to tell me what some woman in Austin told her. I ended up just coming with what I had as she refused to give me anything, we will see if they get me back into the US or not.

So overall things are going well and it is a bright, sunny day today!

I am so excitedabout the new season, I am really looking forward to Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday and NCIS tonight. How I Met Your Mother was alright but kind of a bleh start to a show that has really dragged out the Mother thing far too long. I forget that is supposed to be the premise of the show until they bring it up. It kinda brings it all down because they have dragged it out for so long, I don’t really care anymore who their mother is.

I am still kinda wanting to see Sheldon nail Penny on The Big Bang Theory. There just isn’t really any chemistry with Leonard. At least they do seem to have admitted that in this episode so maybe that can end.

The Emmys were fun, Neil Patrick Harris was great and the gowns were beautiful for the most part. I thought Sarah Silverman was funny-ish but that gown was horrid. I was completely shocked that Toni Collette won for a show that most people never heard of, seemed very strange.

I really liked how Kate Walsh commented that she was keeping it low key, I would really like for more stars or people in the spotlight to spend less money and be proud of it. She looked beautiful.

Have I mentioned lately how much I cannot stand Giuliana Rancic? She is such an idiot, asks the stupidest questions, no idea how to handle celebrities and her timing is terrible. She looks like a scarecrow and has no sense of style. She always looks like she gets her clothes from the teen section. More Jay, less G.

One more thing. Lady Gaga is a dude. I am sure of it.

Hahah I actually love Russell right now, I am sure I will get over it but the Dumbass Girl Alliance is just too damn funny. I checked him out a bit and he seems to be one of those stereotypical oil men that you love to hate. A pint sized JR with a little less drama. There are other interesting characters as well. I am excited for the season!

An odd bunch this time, of course I have to love Donny Osmond but I am pretty excited about The Chairman and that adorable little snowboarder Louie Vito. I would love for Ashley Hamilton to make a good showing but he has a long way to go. I honestly thought he was still in a wheelchair. It was so great to see him! I am more excited about the girls than the boys this season.
I hope Tom Delay is the first to go out of principle but I am not sure how many weeks I can stand to look at Nick Carter or Karina. She really needs to go, she comes off as a fame whore and I am over her.

Jon and Kate Plus 8

I have long thought that there was something wrong between Jon and Kate, when they sit on the sofa it is like there is a wall between them, they never interact like a couple but I figured raising 8 kids is just hard. I do think that the show is work for them and not a real picture of their lives anymore.
The brother and sister in law are total jackasses looking for their own 15 minutes and should not be allowed to capitalize. They are probably hoping somehow they can get custody so they can have a reality show.
If Jon and Kate are struggling then put that in the show, it would probably be a lot more interesting to see them try to co parent 8 kids while separated. It would paint a picture that more people could relate to as well. Just don’t lie. I hate that.

I was pretty worried last week that Melissa might get the boot after her injury. I was not able to watch live so I did not vote, I should have anyway of course! I want so much for her to win, I do love Shawn as well, I think she is just adorable and did a great job last night. Her paso doble was fierce! I love how crisp and clean she is and her face is just so cute when she tries to be all fierce. I really want to see much more of her somewhere.

As much as I love Shawn, I really do feel that Melissa should win and I want it for her so much. She is so genuine and tries so hard. She did look much happier this week after that beautiful waltz and amazing samba! I love to watch this show, I think the professional competition is a lot of fun as well, I like all three of them and wish there was a way to keep them all. I really do love to watch these dancing shows, reminds me of the variety shows that were so popular, like Sonny and Cher, Donny and Marie, ermmm I know there were others but that sort of format would be fun to see again.

Trader Joe’s Youtube

If I Made a Commercial for Trader Joe’s
Too cute!